Leaders Tower 2

Riyadh, King Fahd Road, opposite Kingdom Tower and Al Anoud Tower

Leaders Tower 2

Leaders Tower 2 is one of our most important properties, located in the most important business areas in the city of Riyadh, is located in King Fahd Road – the intersection of Orouba Road, opposite the Kingdom Tower and Anoud Tower.


We offer office services equipped with annual and monthly rental system, as well as open space offices ready to furnish to suit you.


General services for the tower

Buffet services

For furnished offices renters

Cleanliness of utilities

And perfume it 24/7

Mobile network inside the elevators

And B1 – B2

Newest elevators

With a permanent maintenance contract with the manufacturer’s agent (Mitsubishi)

Private parking

24-hour concierges 

Security Cameras

Human and automatic checking for all gates and utilities in the tower

Indicative screens

Show your company name and office to guide your guests

Fire Safety

Water tanks, pumps and appliances

Gardens and outdoor and indoor sessions

For office views

Services After Renting

No additional money – for furnished offices renters

Coffee machines

For more privacy

Daily and instant cleanliness

Under constant supervision and control

Add and change furniture

And office accessories (subject to availability and prior agreement)

High-speed Internet

Fiber Optic System

Central private and public

Indoor and Outdoor

Air fresheners - natural roses

We provide it daily or as per your request

Maintenance Services

24 hours

Printers and copy devices

Scanners (subject to possibility and prior agreement)

Tools and office materials

Everything you need in your office

Internal surveillance cameras for the office

Add as per prior agreement

Provide screens

Projectors devices as agreed

Water purification equipment

For pure and healthy water


At some government agencies and according to approvals

Payment of fees

Electricity – Water – Communications

Drivers waiting room

Dedicated room in the B2 to wait for drivers

Exterior panels

And internal and external guidance

Smoking rooms

Site dedicated to smoking

Outdoor gardens

In an elegant format with constant care

Cleanliness of interfaces

Periodic cleanliness of the facades

Special tools and accessories

Imported and especially for the company

Translation (Arabic - English)

Specialized team for translation and coordination

To Inquire

Our staff is ready to answer all your inquiries all the time

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