Leaders World Towers And Centers Group

Our management and marketing only for our properties

.Group C.V

Leaders ® towers and centers group for business is first owners and investment in towers and commercial centers , and they are specialist in development , marketing and administration for those towers.

Leaders ® towers and centers group for business is many companies and establishments , its successful in real estate investment in long and short periods in the local and region markets.

The field of Leaders ® towers and centers group for business is foucs on many major range in real estate by Saudi leadership present :
Property or investment in long periods.
Basic and archited development.
Marketing in peculiar way.
Real estate development administration projects in professionally.
We excel management and marketing of our properties and take care of them to ensure the continuation of our excellence.
Leaders ® towers and centers group for business in continuous search for new investment chance locally & regionally while keeping innovation though strategic partnership and successful, effective which supports solid basic of the group .

We are specially defined in our department , our marketing property and to take care of them to be sure raising its continuation .

Specialize in the creation or development and investment, and finishing and marketing and management of the towers and shopping malls all merit and excellence, God willing, through a qualified team of the business management of Mr. / Khalid Al-Hassan :
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